About Ashley

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved photography. I come by my love naturally, as my dad was always toting around his old Canon to snap photographs of my brother and me. Photography is my creative outlet to the world, to show others what I find beauty in.

I would say I call myself a lifestyle and animal photographer, specializing in natural light photography. In layman's terms, I enjoy taking family photos without the use of artificial lights. I also enjoy taking photographs of horses and dogs. I'd like to think I got my start by photographing horses – my personal horses as well as those at horse shows.

My Life

I currently reside in central Minnesota with my husband ,Ben, and my young daughter, Lexi. Having a little one around keeps me busier then I ever could have imagined. She is my inspiration and strength. And because of her, I'm diving deeper into lifestyle photography, and surprisingly, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Our home wouldn't be complete though without our old dog, Tucker and the three cats, Amelie, Harmonee and Gizzi. In addition, I also have a horse, Gringo.

I have to mention my first horse, Gus. Gus just recently passed away and if it hadn't been for him, I don't think my love of photography would have spiraled out of control as much as it did with him in my life. Gus graced me with his presence for 14 years. He came in my life when he was 10 and I was 15. We spent so much time together, doing things that only horse-crazy girls do. I recall many trail rides where I would hop off Gus and shoot some photos of him, only to get back on, ride a little further on, hop back off and take more photos again. That got me in trouble once though, when Gus decided he was done for the day and started walking back to the barn, without me. Needless to say, I had to run to catch him (which of course prompted him to start trotting faster) and by the time everything was said and done, I had chased after my horse for nearly a half mile. Lesson learned. Gus was a character but he put up with me and all my quirks. And likewise, I put up with his quirks. I miss him dearly.

Pricing (as of August 2015)

I do not currently have the facilities to do indoor shoots, so nearly all my photo shoots are outdoors. I do have access to (and LOVE using) Everyday People Studios in Richmond, MN. Their fees would be above and beyond what is listed below.


Packages start at $125/session for all my couple/family/maternity/senior sessions. This session would include approximate 1 - 1 1/2 hours, on location, with 20-40 edited photos of the photographer's choice on a picture CD, copyright release included. 

Additional time to be figured at $50/hour. 

Equine Session $75 
1 hour
1 location
20-40 edited photos of the photographer's choice on a picture CD, copyright release  included

Additionally, printed photos can be purchased as well.

Prices for prints are as follows:
$5 - wallets (set of four)
$12 - per 4x6
$18 - per 5x7
$25 - per 8x10

Since I do photograph a lot of horse shows at Rocking R Farm, below are the specials I offer to participants in those shows:
$10 - per digital image (lower resolution, suitable for posting online)
$45 - per CD (high resolution, up to 8 images of a single horse/rider/handler included, $5/image thereafter)

Prices for prints are posted above.

Shipping and Handling is a flat rate of $4.50.

If I am needing to travel outside of the 30 mile radius of Saint Cloud, a small travel fee will be added to cover travel costs.

*I accept Paypal, personal checks/money orders/cash. Checks and Money Orders need to be made payable to Ashley Blegen. Payment is required at the time services are rendered. If additional prints are requested, payment must be made before order is placed.*

Additional Information:

Typical turnaround for any photo session is 1-2 weeks. I will keep you updated on my progress. I will normally post a few photos on social media, such as Facebook. These will be lower resolution photos that can be shared with family and friends. The remainder of the photos will be posted on my website. 

All photos are copyrighted by me, Ashley Blegen in association with Ashley Blegen Photography. They can not be reproduced or reposted elsewhere online without my expressed written authorization.

I can be reached at if you wish to book a session or have any questions. Thanks!

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